Stepping Stone Dance Studio

Celebrates the Art of Dance

Studio Policies

Stepping Stone Dance Studio "Celebrates the Art of Dance".



All students and parents please become familiar with, and abide by, the rules and regulations stated below.


Dancers must adhere to the dress code with appropriate dancewear and secure hair.  All dance clothing must be neat.  No underwear should show.


For detailed information please see Dress Code Policies.


Attendance, Illness, or Injury

Attendance is imperative for consistent progress.

If a student is going to be absent from class due to unforeseen circumstances, please call the studio and leave a message before class time or email  If students know in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the Director/Instructors know before the day of the class.

            If students are too ill to participate in class, they should remain at home and rest.  If they are injured, they should come to class and observe.  Many students find that they learn more from observing class!  This will also keep them apprised of the class’ progress.

Missed classes may be made up with prior approval from the Director & Instructors.


Placement and Evaluation


For some new students it may be necessary to take the first few weeks of classes in a “trial” level in order for the instructor(s) to assess the proper class level.
            The Artistic Staff has the final word on evaluating levels.  Please be respectful of their careful decisions.
Student / Instructor Interaction


Please be advised that the study of dance involves physical contact.  Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ alignment and to demonstrate proper motion.

Students should keep the faculty informed of any recent illness, injury, or other condition that may interfere with their class work.
Building Etiquette


 All students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, honest, and to abide by the rules of the Stepping Stone Dance Studio.

 All dancers should conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and to themselves. 


There will be no rough-housing, loud voices or running in the building.

Parents need to be sure that younger children are supervised at all times. 


Parents of Pre-Dance students are asked to remain in the building for the duration of the class in case there is a need of some kind.

Students are expected to keep the bathrooms, dressing room, lobby, and classrooms neat and clean.  Dancers and visitors are expected to pick up after themselves.

Dancers should not use the emergency exit doors unless there is an emergency.


Dancers are expected to wait in the building for their rides – this is for our dancer’s safety.

Parents, please pick up your children on time.

Please refrain from bringing pets into the building.


Street clothes and shoes must be worn over dance clothes when outside the Studio.  Under no circumstance should a student ever wear dance shoes outside.
Classroom Etiquette


If students are more than 15 minutes late for class, they may be asked to sit and observe.  Latecomers can be a distraction to the other dancers and proper warm-up is important to prevent injury.  If there is a scheduling conflict getting to class from school, please notify the Director/Instructors.

No gum, candy, food, or beverages (other than water) are allowed in the classroom.

Please bring a water bottle to class if you feel that you will need water. Water bottles can be purchased in the office – Cost is $1.00.


            Dancers should use the restroom before class.  There will be limited time to leave class to use the restroom for the older students.

Parents of Pre-Dance & Primary I & II students should remind their children to use the restroom and have a drink of water before class.

During class, students are expected to listen closely when an instructor is correcting another student so that they may also learn from the correction.

The only jewelry permitted to be worn in the classroom are small earrings.  

            All cell phones must be turned off during class.
Tuition and Fees

If there are extenuating circumstances regarding payment, please speak to the Director BEFORE tuition is due.  For detailed information on tuition and associated fees, please see Tuition information.

Valuables / Lost and Found

All clothing and shoes brought to the studio should be marked with the name of the student.

A lost and found box will be kept in the corner of the girls' dressing room.

Student Assistants

 Advanced students may be asked to help with the lower level classes.  Assistants will not be teaching the classes, but will be following the teacher’s instructions, thereby helping with the dance education of the assistants as well as enabling the younger students to receive more attention. 

Inclement Weather

If there is extreme weather or bad road conditions such as snow, ice, floods, etc.., please call the studio after 3pm to see if there will be class that evening.  Please also check our website, email, & face book for class cancellation information.

Bulletin Board

Parents and students should regularly check the bulletin boards in the lobby for news and information.  Monthly updates will also be emailed. 

Photo Release

Please be aware that photos and videos will be taken through-out the year for use in the studio, in print, and on the internet for promotional and publicity purposes.  If you do not wish your child to be photographed please contact the Director immediately. 


Comments and Suggestions

We welcome and respect your comments and suggestions. There is a comment/suggestion box in the lobby between the offices.  Please feel free to use this box.  For more serious issues, please speak personally with the Director.

Please contact Dana Stone at any time with any questions or concerns….

Phone# 215-416-0762