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Congrats to Jade Bagley, she won 1st place in her category and best in show overall, it will be exhibited at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

Congrats to Liana Ivanchenko

Giving Jesus My Heart


Jesus shine bright

It will be night

Jesus un blind me

I will un wind it, so we can see

Take my hand in the palm of yours

So that we can soar

Love is the key

I will bow my knee



By Liana Ivanchenko



Student at St. Mark School in Bristol earns


accolades in young writers contest

Liana Ivanchenko

BRISTOL BOROUGH - Liana Ivanchenko is such prolific writer that sometimes when she’s clicking away at her computer keyboard, she reminds herself that it’s time to stop. She deletes that thought and keeps going, she said.

Her persistence has brought her accolades and the right to boast of being a published author. That’s because a poem she wrote in 10 minutes time and “from the heart,” she said, has been included in Creative Communication’s contest for young writers. It’s a stiff competition because judges pick the cream of the crop among student submissions from Connecticut to Virginia. Liana’s poem, “Giving Jesus My Heart,” took its place on page 58 of an anthology put out in April by Utah-based Creative Communications.

The purpose is simply to highlight good work by young writers but its standards are exacting. It publishes less than 50 percent of the poems submitted. There are three contests a year: spring, summer and fall, and top winners are awarded cash prizes. Liana didn’t win cash, a fact she claims to take with a grain of salt

Liana’s poem started as a classroom assignment that she decided to finish at home.

“We could pick any topic and I picked Jesus, but when I write, I like to write in my room because it’s peaceful. Once it’s peaceful, the words just flow,” said the sixth-grade student at St. Mark School.

Liana received much praise for her poem from school and from her parents, John and Lauren Ivanchenko, who thought their daughter’s work might be good enough to be published. After some research, Lauren found information about Creative Communication and submitted the poem. That was in the fall and the family finally got word about the poem’s inclusion in the book just after Christmas.

The hard cover book came out in April and Liana still smiles when she recalls the phone call informing  her that her poem was in.

“I felt joyful and enthusiastic. It made me feel that I could do anything,” she said, as if she hadn’t already spent years tapping into her imagination with little journals, plays about princesses, and dramas.

Liana manages a full life away from the computer. She takes dancing and acrobatic lessons, and takes pride in the fact that she can now do five back-bend handsprings in a row.

“That’s what I’m going to do when I leave here,” she said, referring to the newspaper interview and photograph session being held in the school library.


Creativity runs in the Ivanchenko family. Lauren plays the piano and John is a painter and photographer. Even at her young age, Liana claims she draws on life experiences to put stories on paper. Her teacher, Marie Angelone, said that her student’s for writing has helped bring her out of her shell.

“She tends to be shy and this recognition has given her the opportunity to show her talent and express herself. She writes from the heart and that’s what I want my students to do,” Angelone said. 

Congrats to Amy Zielinski

Amy Zielinski applied back in the fall for a journalism workshop at the Philadelphia Inquirer.


She was accepted and participated in journalism workshops in February.


The first Saturday in April there was a lunchoen to recognize these students and give them their published articles.


The Inquirer published a section called "First Take". All students wrote articles that were in this published section.

Getting to know Lily Shearer

Lily is 7 years old and in 1st grade. She is an amazing little girl with the sweetest heart who makes friends very easliy. She is a big sister to Sydney, 3, and Seth, 1. She is the first to help anyone and always happy and smiling. She has been dancing for 5 years and continues to get better and more confident in what she can do. Lily also plays soccer for Hulmeville and puts her heart and sole into being her best. Not only has she been succesful in dance and soccer but she is just as amazing in school. She gets good grades and always gets the greatest compliments from her teachers.

News Paper Article written by Brianna Shinn

Don't cut cyber school funding

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013 6:00 am IN THE BUCKS COUNTY COURIER

I've been at Pennsylvania Virtual Charter Schools since kindergarten, and now I'm in ninth grade. My school is considered a public cyber charter school, which is different than homeschooling.

In this letter, I'm going to state why I love this school, explain the difference between homeschooling and public charter schools, and why public cyber charter schools shouldn't be taken away.

First, the teachers don't judge you and are always willing to help you reach your full potential. Second, the scheduling is a lot more flexible. We can do our assignments at whatever time we feel ready, and still complete it by the due date. Since we do our work at home, we can complete it at any time of day.

I've noticed that some people work better in the morning, and some work better at night. In a public cyber charter school, we can take advantage of our learning strengths, and get our work done more efficiently. Lastly, doing your work in the comfort of your own home feels great. There are fewer distractions, and it's much easier to focus.

There are many misconceptions about how public cyber charter schools work. First, my school is not a homeschool; homeschooling and public charter schools are two different things. In homeschooling, students only work with their parents or guardians, so they can only follow what their parent says to do.

In public charter schools, students have certified teachers who help them, along with the guidance of the parent/guardian. We're not isolated from everything kids in brick and mortar schools are required to do; we just do our work at home, with the exception of standardized tests. We take PSSAs, Keystone exams, and SATs; we go on outings; we take midterms and finals.

Many people think that public cyber charter schools take the "easy way out" of learning. There's no difference between the work brick and mortar schools give compared to public cyber charter schools.

I know this way of learning isn't right for everyone; parents and students should have the right to choose the learning system that's best for them because everyone learns differently. If this type of schooling is proven to be helpful, why should it be taken away?

The students at our school are living proof that you don't have to learn at a brick and mortar school. There are many students who need, or will eventually need, this style of learning. The government needs to reconsider cutting the budget for public cyber charter schools.

Brianna Shinn   -  Bristol

Ciaran Barlow - appearing at the Bristol Riverside Theater

Ciaran Barlow was just cast in the Bristol Riverside Theater's upcoming production of "Inherit the Wind".


He will be playing the role of "Timmy"

This is the second time he will be appearing on the BRT stage.


He was in their 2011 production of "Gypsy" as a singing/dancing newsboy.

Congratulations to "Big C"....



Production photos from INHERIT THE WIND

Congrats to Stepping Stone Dance Studios "Big C" (Ciaran Barlow) he performed as "Chip" in Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Bucks County School of the Performing Arts. We couldn't be more proud of him. — at Stepping Stone Dance Studio.

McKenzie Newcomb "Citizen of the Month"

Mckenzie Newcomb is a first grader in Snyder-Girotti Elementary/Middle school. She was chosen as "Citizen of the month" with the theme being "Honesty". Mckenzie has accomplished so much in addition to "Citizen of the month" this school year, she was selected as "Student of the month for September" and has had outstanding report cards for the first three completed semesters. She loves school, arts and crafts and being a good friend. This is her fourth year in dance and she absolutely loves it! She also plays mini ball and is a member of the schools reading Olympics team. She is a very hard working, sweet, caring and compassionate little girl and a great sister to her three brothers. Her family and friends are so proud of all of her accomplishments and know she will continue to do great things in the years to come!

Meet Madigan McGrath

Madigan McGrath just completed 5th grade at Penn Valley Elementary School in Pennsbury School District.  As she “graduated” from Penn Valley, Madigan was awarded the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.  This is a national award from the U.S. Department of Education given to recognize academic success in the classroom.


To be eligible for the award, a student must have a grade point average between 3.5 and 4, and show high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities and/or exceptional judgment in the classroom.  Students must also receive high achievement in reading or math on state or national tests. 


Madigan also received special recognition for her participation and excellence in her performance in Art as well as Library Skills.

Congrats to our 2013 Seniors !!!

Congrats to Amy Zielinski


Amy performed as Cha-Cha in Grease through the Neshaminy Summer Stock Theater Program. 


The performances were July 24 - 27 at Neshaminy HS. 


We are very proud of Amy !!!!




Congrats to Jillian Faustino - Distinguished "A" Honor Roll




Congrats to Karli Sides

Karli Sides was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society with a 4.0 GPA